Tiger 911 Alarm PSTN Auto Dialer

Tiger 911 Alarm PSTN Auto Dialer
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Main Features:


  1. Adopt advanced microprocessor controlling circuit ,run steadily. Capability is ascendant.
  2. Adopt high gains antenna, Signal is strong
  3. Be applicable for GSM800mhz
  4. Call or called function can be set up flexibly.
  5. The functions of locking terminal, locking UIM card, locking network and locking cell can be set up conveniently.
  6. Function of displaying incoming calls.
  7. Provide accurate anti-polarity signal for billing equipment to charge.    

Three alarm methods optional:


    In microcomputuer design ,automatic requirments and functions of seeing ,listening ,recording and setting.

    According to requirments of different hosts, select NC,NO or voltage input trigger sigal

Save as many as 4 groups of phones or activity phone .

Each group has 16digits and 2nd passwords at most

Password function . In case of trigger or other situation, you can enter password by directy press keys in electric board and WS stop SOS signal .

Use with security fittings or independent sensors all over zhe world.

1, Work Voltage : DC11V-15V

2, Quiescent Current  20mA

3, Work current: 150mA

4, Dial Type:  VFD Voice Frequency Dialing, ( select Jumper J1)

5, Alarming Type: N.O,N.C, (Select Jumper J2 or J3)

6, Recording Time: 20 Second, telephone number and Voice recording will not be lost even power off.

7, Can store 4 group numbers , max 16 digit.

8, Two stage private code: 0-6 groups private code, and the first code,second code ,and third code. (first three codes)can set disarm, if all 6 group code can change set

9.Original password from factroy is 911.

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  • Vivotek
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