Albox FA50010 FA500-10 Fire Alarm 10 Zone Control Panel

Albox FA50010 FA500-10 Fire Alarm 10 Zone Control Panel
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Kode Produk: FA50010
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This unit has accumulation function, minimize the false alarm that caused by unstable pulse or any abnormal signal (false alarm) and no effect on the function of fire alarm at all

Each zone uses two different LEDs to indicate fire alarm and disconnection

Easy to switch from fire alarm to smoke evacuation, sprinkling or foam system

Power: 220VAC 50Hz 

Voltage Scope: Nominal Voltage +20%

Battery Capacity: 24VDC 1.2Ah

Charging Voltage Current: 26VDC 100 - 400mA

Exterior Resistance: Round-trip under 50 Ohm

Sensor of Heat Detector Connected: No Limit

Sensor of Smoke Detector Connected: 30/zones

Max. Output Current: 1A

Digital Switch: 500K Cycles Min. Reliability

End of Line Resistor: 10K Ohm 

Material: 1.2 mm Steel Plate

Color: Ivory White

Dimension (mm): 350x285x105

Accessory Functions: Dual Signal Transfer Contacts, Aux. Contacts

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